Praise for
The Australian Ark

‘It’s probably the finest book I’ll get to review in my lifetime.’ – Tamlyn Currin from

‘A masterpiece’, Brian Croser AO

‘It is a genuinely majestic, indeed monumental, achievement unparalleled in Australian wine scholarship.’ – Kim Williams AM

Short-listed for the ‘Best Wine Book in the World 2024’, The Gourmand Awards 2024 (Winner to be announced shortly)

‘ … it must be said that this really is the history of a country, although (and necessarily) wine runs through the pages like the blood in its veins. Caillard might even turn out to be one of the most significant curators of Australian history.’ – Tamlyn Currin for

‘Andrew Caillard is a national treasure.’ – Jeni Port, Halliday Wine Companion

‘The heft and luxurious feel of each individual volume recalls the grand art-publishing houses of Europe, so it’s delightful to discover it has been produced with great care in Australia by Longueville Media and The Vintage Journal’ – Steve Waterson, The Australian

captures [Andrew Caillard’s] enthusiasm for all the struggles, ingenuity and imagination that has gone into putting Australian wine on the tables of the world’. – Geoffrey Robertson AO KC, human rights barrister, academic, author and broadcaster

‘A landmark piece of wine history … truly accessible and a joy to read.’ –

‘It truly is an incredible read’ – Jane Anson, Inside Bordeaux

‘What a triumph. A truly incredible contribution to Australia, to wine, to the world!’ – Sally Evans

The scope, depth, erudition and sheer readability of the content is, in my working experience (on three wine-producing continents) is absolutely unmatched, anywhere. It is a passionate, Australian wine man’s lasting gift to our nation. – Chris Anstee

‘I am astonished and flabbergasted. What an extraordinary achievement. I know what it takes to make a book and to write a history. This is just gob-smacking. The picture editing: simply virtuoso.’ – Derek McDonnell OAM

‘I am in awe’  – Huon Hooke